02-10-2013 - Unprecedented growth for Atlantic Pacific Marine, one of the world’s fast growing marine and offshore engineering services companies, has resulted in it having to open a new UK HQ.  In just three years since its 2010 set-up, the company has seen turnover soar to over £4million, with net profits consistently over 25%.  Turnover to-date for 2013 is £4.2 million, against a net profit of £1.3million


Atlantic Pacific Marine’s customers include Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, P&O, Wartsila, Total Oil and NOV.  The company was founded by Leroy Bishop, Phillip Rodrigues, and David Hale, and is a sister company of LME, which provides industrial engineering services to multinationals such as Dow Corning.  Together, the companies have a turnover in excess of £12million.


“Our ethics of honesty, integrity, quality and safety are extremely important in the marine and offshore industries,” says Atlantic Pacific Marine Managing Director, Leroy Bishop.  “From day one, we’ve not undertaken any marketing – our clients just keep coming back for more, and keep recommending us to others, which means that we’re phenomenally busy all the time.”


Due to its success, the rapidly growing company has had to find a bigger HQ.  Its new site in Cardiff has plenty of office space for its burgeoning staff, along with a 480sqm workshop and 100sqm external laydown area.  As part of LME, Atlantic Pacific Marine also has sites in Barry Docks, consisting of a 1500sqm workshop, 480sqm blasting pit, 600sqm painting workshop and a 250sqm fully-equipped stainless steel workshop.


Atlantic Pacific Marine operates globally 24/7, undertaking an extensive range of dry-dock, alongside and en-voyage repairs, maintenance and refurbishments.  Back in 2011 the company completed main steam renewals and shut downs for Cunard’s QM2 while the ship remained in service.  No small project, the job encompassed all the thermal installation for over 100metres of boiler feedline.


In December 2012 APM manufactured and installed two Reverse Osmosis plants for Carnival Australia’s Pacific Pearl and Pacific Jewel cruise liners.


This year saw Atlantic Pacific complete its biggest project to-date – the installation of a new diesel generator on the Coral Princess, including all the necessary structural and system modifications.  Atlantic Pacific’s engineers first had to create space for the new generator by relocating existing tanks and equipment.  Following this, the team then cut away a huge section of the starboard side before installing the new generator.


“It was a huge job,” says Mr Bishop.  “We had to re-route all the associated equipment and fittings through sixteen decks, from the exhaust and air-con systems through to electrics and insulation.”


The project was started in August in Alaska whilst in service, then dry-docked in the Bahamas on February 13, and finished whilst the ship was in service trans canal cruising.  It was completed on time and within budget, with zero lost time safety incidents.


Atlantic Pacific Marine has also installed quick closing valves for Carnival Australia’s fleet this year.  The Pacific Jewel project was undertaken in Sydney, whilst the Pacific Pearl was completed in Singapore.  Both projects were passed and approved by Lloyds Register, and installations on the rest of the fleet are ongoing.


“We’re naturally very pleased with our growth and expansion,” comments Mr Bishop.  “Having our new HQ will enable us to meet our ever-increasing customer needs, and to continue expanding our presence in the marine and offshore markets.”  ENDS.


Press contact:  jenny.batters@jbmarketing-pr.com