Atlantic Pacific Marine Slashes Out-of-Service Days by Almost a Week
31 -03 -14

Removing a 132 tonne engine from an 11 deck luxury cruise liner whilst it’s in-service may sound impossible, but that’s exactly what our team of marine engineers did for Disney Wonder in February.

Atlantic Pacific teamed up with wire sawing experts Drillcut (UK) Ltd to cut one of the ship’s Sulzer ZA40S engines into 32 separate sections en-voyage. The sections were lifted out and off loaded, enabling ultra-fast engine replacement once the liner had dry docked in the Grand Bahama Shipyard.

The team boarded the Wonder in Nassau, and completed the project within fourteen days.  Diamond wire saws were used to cut the Sulzer ZA40S into 32 sections, including all engine components such as the 400mm diameter hardened steel crankshaft case.  Each cut took around six hours. In all, the innovative process saved six dry docked days.

“The job was such a success that we’re already dealing with another five enquiries for the same service,” Atlantic Pacific Managing Director, Leroy Bishop commented;  “The time and money savings are obvious:  both in terms of project turnaround and also the negation of dry-docked, out-of-service days.  There are also inherent Health and Safety advantages,” he explained.  “As there is no hot work involved, there are no fumes or fire risks.  Our methodology means zero disturbances to passengers and crew.”