Laura Rodrigues is the first employee to reach the milestone ’10 years of service’. Laura started as Office Administrator in March 2012 in the first head office of APM. Since then the company have relocated the head office within Cardiff and opened two further offices in Fort Lauderdale and Southampton. Laura‚Äôs role has also evolved over the years as she has undertaken many different tasks and responsibilities. This includes purchasing, finances and travel. Laura has been recently promoted to Travel Supervisor. Laura now oversees all travel booked within the company as well as booking travel for some of APM’s largest drydock work.

Ahead of this milestone APM decided to implement a recognition of service award throughout the company. This was in order to acknowledge the time, devotion and commitment employees show in order to hit these milestones. Laura has been awarded a bottle of Champagne, a bespoke APM paper weight and a meal for two to recognise this achievement.

APM would like to take this opportunity to thank Laura for her contribution, commitment and loyalty to APM over the past 10 years. APM are looking forward to the future to watch both Laura and the company grow from strength to strength in the coming 10 years.