A luxury yacht needs a unique look plus the latest tech whilst maintaining comfort and promoting sustainability.  Here we look at the top trends set to hit the yachting industry in 2020.


A sustainable approach continues to be at the forefront of yacht providers and owners minds. It’s now a hot topic in the industry with a core objective for superyachts to reduce their environmental footprint. Marine health and conservation continues to be a concern for all, however, adopting a sustainable approach relies on the search for new materials to build both interiors and exteriors. 

2020 is set to see more organic and eco-friendly products appearing on the market, plus we will see the evolution of more plastic-free charters. With today’s Superyacht owners more in tune with climate change challenges the industry is navigating an exciting journey towards sustainability; we have already seen Feadship’s 83m eco-friendly hybrid propulsion platform.  

A focus on wellness

Nowadays the best luxury superyachts cater for fitness and wellness with team’s dedicated to your wellbeing and relaxation. It’s an opportunity for owners and travellers to focus purely on themselves with a wellbeing experience. Many yachts are adding dedicated gym and spa areas while others have spa decks hosting everything you would expect to find in a high end spa ashore. Superyacht chefs in 2020 are set to continue to guide nutrition and diet on board, as they work with owners and travellers to tailor menus to their nutritional requirements. 

Tech and Innovation

The feeling of being at home at sea is a trend set to continue with superyacht owners looking at the latest technologies and gadgets they can discreetly implement. Technology is racing to keep up with the demands – having a high-speed reliable internet connection is imperative for most but at sea this can’t be guaranteed. As many predict could we be set to see Google’s Project Loon becoming an option for those sailing further afield?  

Superyacht owners are looking for as much personalisation as they can get – Bluetooth localisation can take this personalisation to another level.  With Bluetooth beacons installed around the yacht as soon as a guest walks into a room with their phone, they can be easily identified enabling the room to adjust to their chosen preferences such as lighting and music.  

Exploring more

The appeal of visiting Antarctica and Papua New Guinea to name a few from the comfort of a superyacht is driving a dramatic increase in the number of explorer yachts commissioned to take on these adventures.  These yachts can carry helicopters, submarines and allow an explorer to experience uncovered parts of the world in complete luxury! 

Whilst we can’t fully predict where the yachting industry is heading; trends suggest 2020 is set to be another exciting year of innovation for all involved.