Shipping helps run the world economy, but is also responsible for contributing to the pollution of the planet. While this contribution may be small comparative to other factors, it’s important that our industry remains vigilant to this issue, and plays it’s part in reducing the pollution of our seas.

In recent decades a number of maritime and shipping organisations have made commitments to more sustainable practices. And as global warming becomes more and more of an issue; sustainability can only increase in importance in our industry.

IMO Commitments

The International Marine Organisation have made a number of sustainability commitments to improve the long term health of our seas. Since 1959 the IMO has been successfully working to produce wide ranging measures to prevent and control the amount of pollution caused by ships and other maritime operations.

The IMO created a carbon dioxide reduction deal agreeing to cut emissions by 50% (compared to 2008) by 2050 and improve ship efficiency by 50-70% within the same time period. Directing this strategy are a number of ambitions, including reducing carbon intensity of ships via energy efficient design.

Cruise Industry Commitments

The cruise industry, recognising the importance of sustainable tourism, have also made commitments to reducing their environmental impact. The Cruise Lines International Association is aiming to reduce carbon emissions across the industry fleet by 2030 and have ensured it’s liners never release untreated waste water into the ocean. Thanks to various initiatives the cruise industry now recycles 60% per person than the average person on land in the US.

Sustainable Solutions

There are a number of sustainable solutions that can be applied to ships to make them more environmentally friendly.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) can be used to remove sulphur oxides from engine and boiler exhaust gasses, reducing their harmful impact to the ecosystem. It can also help reduce operating costs by preventing a switch to more costly fuels. Atlantic Pacific Marine provides full gas scrubber installation services, including fabrication and commissioning. Our innovative wire saw methodology saves vessel owners time and money, as it enables us to make fast, clean cuts to exhausts, pre-scrubber insertion.

Black & Grey Water systems are used to treat waste water before it is discharged into the sea, to destroy harmful bacteria and prevent contamination of sea water. Atlantic Pacific Marine provides the highest quality system installs and maintenance, in order to ensure that our clients meet and surpass strict environmental regulations. We provide turnkey solutions for the world’s leading water system companies, from initial installation through to commissioning and maintenance.

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