About us

Atlantic Pacific Marine are dedicated marine and offshore service specialists. We operate globally 24/7, providing a full range of dry-dock, alongside and in-service installations, repairs, maintenance and refurbishments. Unlike many others in our sector, we are solely dedicated to marine and offshore markets, making us able to constantly innovate, strengthen and improve our marine engineering and manufacturing services. Despite being only 8 years old we’re proud to have established a strong reputation in the shipping industry for no-nonsense integrity and honesty; top quality services, tight project management and fast turnaround.


To build on our reputation and become the first choice for high quality consultancy, engineering, project management, installation, repair and maintenance services within the marine and offshore industries.


To know and meet the needs of our customers to the highest standards.


We want Atlantic Pacific Marine to continue to be a successful and sustainable company. To this end, we make certain that all our employees and partners understand and absorb our customer driven values and vision of integrity and quality. We also encourage and support innovation, and our continuous training programmes and facility enhancements ensure ongoing developmental benefits to all our stakeholders – from employees through to customers.


A brand is more than a logo; it’s the company’s personality – its reputation as perceived by all its stakeholders. Atlantic Pacific Marine’s reputation is for integrity and quality. We don’t make promises which we can’t keep. We do what we’ve said we’ll do; ontime, on-budget and to the highest standards.



Atlantic Pacific Marine has its head-quarters in Cardiff, along with a 480sqm workshop containing an overhead gantry crane and large external laydown area. We also possess further workshop sites at nearby Barry Docks. Here, we have five large workshops, each one fully equipped to the highest standards in order to facilitate the company’s manufacturing and fabrication processes.

At our high-capacity UK workshops, we undertake:

  • Process and pipework fabrication
  • Sheet metal cladding for thermal insulation
  • Stainless steel pickling and pacification
  • Process module fabrication
  • Skid fabrication



Opened in 2015, Atlantic Pacific Miami is in a prime location within Fort Lauderdale harbour itself. The site acts as our main distribution base for both tools and manpower to our ever-increasing North American and Caribbean ship refit, upgrade and maintenance projects.

In our on-site 6,000sq ft workshop, we undertake pipe fabrication plus the manufacture of ducting and HVAC installations.