Atlantic Pacific Marine offers a comprehensive range of engineering services, from initial surveys through to maintenance and refurbishments.

Our teams are drawn from quality UK tradesmen with full trade certifications. They are always well presented; and always exceed Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental regulations.



We operate globally, deploying teams all over the world as and when needed. We’re renowned for our in-service expertise, saving ourcustomers costly out-of-service, dry dock days.



We both manage and undertake refurbishment; regeneration and change-of-use projects.



We can supply skilled labour to assist in any new build project.



We provide pipework surveys, repairs, manufacture and installation, for all pipe materials and systems, using only the highest quality fittings and machinery. We are particularly renowned for our expertise with GRE and GF – we are a GF approved and preferred installer.

Our pipework services are comprehensive and cover all marine and offshore requirements, from fuel oil system upgrades to ballast water systems.

Pressure testing is a vital part of any installation, and our pressure test process if fully compliant with industry regulations.

We also undertake under-pressure branching and hot tapping services, which can prevent costly shutdowns.

All of our pipework, fittings and flanges are manufactured by us, to the highest standards, at our UK-based manufacturing site. More information about our manufacturing capabilities and facilities is available in our Manufacturing Brochure, and on our website.



Atlantic Pacific Marine is renowned for its extensive knowledge of heavy steel fabrication in the marine, petrochemical and offshore industries. We provide credible solutions to difficult projects, from design and build through to installation.

We work with all grades of steel and have a comprehensive Quality Management System in place, which provides full project traceability. All of our welders are highly qualified and experienced, and undertake all types of welding. All of our works are fully tested using state-of-theart NDT methods and equipment.

Our steelwork services include specialised coatings, pointing systems and all machining



We offer a comprehensive range of mechanical services, from winch repairs and valve and pump reconditioning through to engine and propeller services and repairs.



Our experienced teams supply full HVAC and A/C installation and repairs, including the manufacture of large ducting systems in stainless, galvanized and mild steel. We also manufacture and install cold system insulation.



Atlantic Pacific Marine’s extensive marine industry knowledge ensures that our electrical services are of the highest quality, and always comply with relevant Class Society Guidelines. We provide full electrical services, including system and materials supply, start-ups, commissioning system installs, and thermal imaging and inspection. Our electrical services teams work all over the world, both as dry dock subcontractors and also en-voyage.



We provide:
• Rigging Services
• Jacking and Skidding
• Equipment Installation
• Lifting beam fabrication and installation
• Spreader beam fabrication and installation
• Certified lifting equipment
• Project planning, control and management



Tank cleaning is obviously an essential part of marine
maintenance, and we undertake:
• Tank cleaning
• Tank repair
• Blasting
• Coating
• Gas Free certification



Atlantic Pacific Marine is well renowned within the marine, chemical and oil and gas industries for the quality of its thermal insulation products and services. We have the qualifications, experience, certification and capabilities to manage high temperature and fire rated products. Our teams supply and install insulation across the full spectrum of thermal cryogenic and acoustic applications, including: mineral fibres, cellular glass, calcium silicate, polyurethane and phenolic foams. We also fabricate and install sheet metal work for Thermal Covers such as valves, flanges, engines and manifolds.



We provide turnkey desalination projects, from materials delivery through to installation. We only work with only the world’s leading desalination companies, ensuring the finest quality products and support for our clients. Our services include:
• Clearance to plant layout and install
• As-build drawings
• Piping isometrics
• Electrical drawings
• Installation supervision
• Professional tradesmen
• Commissioning
• Maintenance contracts

Sewerage System Installs
Atlantic Pacific Marine provides the highest quality system installs and maintenance, in order to ensure that our clients meet and surpass strict environmental regulations. We provide turnkey solutions for the world’s leading water system companies, from initial installation through to commissioning and maintenance.

Ballast Water Systems
We assist with all stages of ballast water management and treatment systems, including complete installation and commissioning. We work with vessel owners to survey and carefully select the system which is best for them, and our experienced marine engineering teams ensure fast and secure installation and commissioning.

Exhaust Gas Scrubbers
Opting for exhaust gas scrubbers instead of switching to more costly fuels allows for lower operating costs. Atlantic Pacific Marine provides full gas scrubber installation services, including fabrication and commissioning.

Our innovative wire saw methodology saves vessel owners time and money, as it enables us to make fast, clean cuts to exhausts, pre-scrubber insertion. Similarly, evaporator demolition is much simpler and faster.