In May the Directors of Atlantic Pacific decided that the Cardiff Headquarters was in need of an update that would refresh the building and increase the usable office space to support our expanding business.

The office refurbishment took around 6 weeks to complete. The work included demolition, floor plan adjustments, installation of new equipment and re-decoration throughout the offices.

The refurbishment was not only designed to improve the physical appearance of the offices – but to reduce the carbon footprint of the building as a whole. New energy efficient appliances and fittings were chosen for the offices to reduce the environmental impact of the building. For example, the ceiling was fitted with a Poly Bag system for increased thermal insulation. In all, the changes have reduced our carbon footprint by over 50%

The boardroom was re-located to provide the additional room needed for a expanding workforce. In the new boardroom a Logitech system was installed to facilitate easier communication between the UK Headquarters and Miami branch.

As the business continues to grow, we will continue to invest into our offices to ensure that they are pleasurable and practical spaces for our operatives to work in.