Customer: P&O Cruises

Project: Double steam isolation valve installation

Project Overview: We were tasked with the design and installation of contingency valves within the steam heating system of the MV Aurora, part of the P&O Cruise fleet. As an industry first, the installation of double isolation valve configurations within a complex system of numerous boilers and kilometres of steam pipes was an unknown process. With the vessel only in drydock for a limited time, this was a complex operation governed by time.

Project Highlights:

  • Successful implementation of an industry-first project.
  • The installation allows for additional contingency; which ultimately significantly reduces the chance of failure of any individual isolation valve.
  • A significant advance within the field of maritime engineering.
  • To meet the strict time deadline prior to the ships dry dock slot, our team undertook extensive planning and feasibility evaluation working closely with the ship’s surveyors and engineers.
  • This process enabled a successful identification of the effective sequence of shut down for key systems to enable efficient dual inline isolation valve installation.