Customer: Princess Cruises

Project: VGD+VSD Installation

Project Overview: Complete electrical and mechanical turnkey engineering and installation during Dry Dock, Singapore

Project Highlight:

  • Installation of 11kV HV/LV Transformer, 690V Variable Speed Drive (VSD), 690V Electric Motor, upgraded compressor and cooling system
  • Internal bulkhead breach to facilitate removal of old compressor and installation of new compressor
  • Installation of new base frame for Transformer and VSD
  • Installation of new lifting points and full rigging of equipment
  • Engineering of cable selections
  • Engineering of VSD cable solution and earthing strategy
  • HV, LV and control cable installation and termination
  • 11kV High Voltage Cable Hi-Potential Testing witnessed in accordance with LR Class Rules
  • Full Insulation Resistance Testing of all newly installed cables
  • Installation of additional air chiller unit and 316L stainless steel cooling pipework to all water cooled equipment