Project: PS & STBD Exhaust Spool Replacements

Project Overview: Remove PS & STBD exhaust spools, fabricate and install with new.

Project Length: 4 weeks (per exhaust)

Project Location: Savannah Yacht Center (SYC)

Project Highlights:

  • Temporary removal of existing GRE spools, butterfly valves, mufflers and bellows.
  • Remove corroded DN500 sch #80 spool.
  • Cutting and preparation (bevelling) in workshop, then load to boat.
  • All fabrication and welding completed on board.
  • All welds were completed with spool in position.
  • DNV surveyor attended SYC to review fit up and post completion.
  • Both visits were approved and review of quality pack documentation was accepted also (WPQ, WPQR, material certification, NDT test results, etc).
  • Testing requirements;
    • 100% NDT – Radiography (RT) & Phased Array (UT).
    • Hydrotesting.
  • Re-installation of GRE spools, butterfly valves, mufflers and bellows.